Guide for international patients

Basic treatment plan for international patients

Step 1 – Initial Contact

Reach out to us via:

– Our website:

– Our facebook fanpage:

– Email:

– Our hotline number: +84978 563 565

– Viber at: +84978 563 565

– Upon contact, our doctors will review your requirements and reach out to you in order to ensure they have a clear understanding of your case. A telephone or video call may be arranged at a time of convenience to ensure complete clarity. This will also allow us to give you an accurate estimate of treatment costs and fees.

– Upon agreement of the treatment procedure along with discussion of the costs and fees, we will proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Traveling to Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

– Here we can identify convenient dates for your treatment via email so you can making appointment date with doctors. You can book your flight to match the appointment date. Comprehensive and detailed information regarding the Vietnam Medical Visa as well as guidelines on obtaining one can be found at

– We can also assist you with booking accommodation with some of our hotel partners near our dental (3 stars hotel). Also we can pick you up at Tan Son Nhat airport by car 24/7

Step 3 – Medical Treatment

– Once you arrive at our clinic, we will perform a comprehensive clinical evaluation and finalize your treatment plan. Our doctors are very experienced and will explain the options available very systematically. Our staff will ensure you receive the utmost comfort and care during your treatment stages.

– The duration of the treatment will vary on a case to case basis. In your time outside of treatment, you can go explore around the city and doing what you like

Step 4 – Departure

After completing your treatment, you will come to our dental the last time to have some general check up and then you can go back to your country on the date of departure.

High quality and inexpensive dental services in Vietnam

At Peace Dentistry, we have treated hundreds of patients every year, most of them find it very economical to fly down from their country to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for their dental work.

Apart from the obvious cost savings, our patrons are treated to end-to-end service from the time you get in touch with us. Our dentists will get on the phone with you and evaluate your dental condition over an internet call. Following this, we can make a tentative treatment plan then send it to you by email and you can book tickets to visit us. The treatment plan will be based on your teeth condition and your request time.

We are a reputed 14-year-old establishment with high quality services and gathering the most experienced doctor team. Several of our doctor have been trained and certified to practice in France and USA.

Dental treatment – Cost comparison

Dental Procedure Cost at Peace Dentistry (USD) Approximate Cost in US (USD) Approximate Cost in Australia (USD)
Dental Implants 644 4000 2.000 – 3.000
All-on-4 implant 6200 30000 20.000 – 30.000
Porcelain Fused Metal Crown 107 821
Full porcelain Crowns 189 – 266 1000 – 3000 1200
Tooth Cleaning 11 50 30 – 50
Tooth Whitening 107 444 300 – 350
Tooth colored composite Fillings 13 – 22 / per tooth 250 140 – 170
Root Canal Treatment 34 – 52 / per tooth 695 400 – 500

(This price are referenced from some large dental clinics in the US and Australia)