Dental Equipment

1. Dental chair KaVo Primus 1058 Life

Whatever challenge you are facing, you know you can trust your dental chair Primus 1058 Life. Enjoy the exceptional reliability at your practice everyday.

The Primus 1058 Life dental chair was designed with a major focus on functional reliability and pronounced economic efficiency. Demonstrate your ability to identify excellent value for your money and join thousands of dentists throughout the world who report that their Primus 1058 “runs and runs and keeps running”.

Dental Chair Primus 1058 Life – All the innovations of this dental unit at a glance

The new patient chair. Safe and relaxed.

  • More streamlined chair design in modern dental white
  • Maximum load up to 185 kg
  • Integrated Trendelenburg movement for patient comfort
  • Extended highest/lowest positions

The new dentist and assistant elements. Sophisticated and simplified.

  • New dentist element in a modern design
  • Improved operating concept includes more direct selection buttons
  • Assistant element includes clearly structured film keypad and improved operating comfort

CONEXIO patient communication system. Ready to go.

  • KaVo ERGOcam One, the easy-to-use intraoral camera
  • New high resolution KaVo screens, 19″ and 22″
  • The CONEXIO system software combines patient management software, 2D radiograph archive and live intraoral images in a unique operating concept


From extractions to endodontics, orthodontics to implants, 3D scans provide valuable information vital to diagnosis and determining the best course of treatment. With an automated 2D/3D sensor exchange, two sensors that rotate to capture both 3D and panoramic, clinicians merely press a button to switch from taking 3D images to 2D panoramic projections. There’s no need to remove the panoramic sensor.

  • Flexible 3D fields-of-views
  • Intuitive and modern user interface
  • EasyPosition™ for dependable patient positioning
  • PerfectScout™ to acquire precise 3D scans
  • High resolution 3D acquisition mode
  • Award-winning SRT™ technology

GXDP-700 Series is packed with powerful software tools. The intuitive Invivo application allows users to quickly navigate 3D scans and provides the tools to implant plan with confidence right from the Cone Beam 3D volume. The final design can be even sent to have surgical guides produced to assist you in the implant placing process. The software also allows you to analyze and map airway providing valuable information for the evaluation of sleep apnea.

3. The PS500 LED® implantology and surgery

The PS500 LED® implantology and surgery unit has been carefully designed to provide you with the best surgical assistant.


LED technology: maximum working comfort!

  • Optimum light quality -“natural light”: 5500°K.
  • Ideal lighting, no more shadows in the working area.
  • Illumination field wider than classical lighting.
  • Adjustable power.
  • Resistance & durability of the LED component.
  • Includes a 20:1 implant handpiece (PS20LED fibre-optic, dismantable 20:1 contra-angle with external irrigation).

Large colour touchscreen: simple and user-friendly!

  • Large colour touchscreen (5.7 inch screen) – optimal visibility.
  • Intuitive navigation with descriptive icons.

Power and precision

  • Wide speed and torque range with the BA contra-angle handpiece: speed from 15-2,000rpm and torque from 5 to
  • Contra-angle calibration: the precision of the motor is adapted to the contra-angle connected.

Surgical intelligence and performance

  • 10 configurable programs; up to 10 sequences per program.
  • Simple data set-up and manipulation.
  • Real-time display of critical data: torque in and speed.
  • Real-time graphical display isonly one click away!
  • Guaranteed patient tracking: data is saved to a USB key.
  • All main functions can be controlled usingthe ergonomic foot pedal: irrigation management, reverse and torque increase, sequence progression.

4. Bone cutting machine TF™ Adaptive

Motor and NiTi File System

TF Adaptive features Adaptive Motion Technology, which uses a patented feedback algorithm to change the motion of the file based on the applied load. As the stress increases or decreases, the motor responds accordingly, giving you the benefits of both rotary and reciprocation at exactly the right moment.

TF Adaptive files offer improved file durability, flexibility and better debris removal. The intuitive color-coded system is designed for efficiency and ease of use.

5. KEYNOTE Digital Smile Design – A Systematic Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry

Digital Smile Design (DSD) provides support for the integration of specialties, such as cosmetic & restorative dentistry, periodontics, implantology, orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, etc. This systematic approach is used extensively at Peace Dentistry clinics.

If you are thinking of dental veneers, a cosmetic makeover or a full mouth of dental implants, DSD protocols will help you achieve a better outcome and a winning smile.

DSD provides a multi-faceted, conceptual approach to cosmetic dentistry. The system promotes the use of highly effective visual perceptions (photography – videography), education and motivation to heighten communication between you and your treatment team and similarly improves the integration of other dental specialists involved with your planning and procedural execution.

DSD protocols are practiced in Vietnam by the international team of specialists at Peace Dentistry. The DSD method is used for designing what is often called “the perfect smile”.


  • Truly 30Khz frequency ultrasonic Piezo unit, more comfort, gentle and pain-free for patients.
  • Powerful Handpiece vibration: 9~10W output, comparable to Satelec (Acteon) and EMS. (15W is for ultrasonic bone surgery) Removes heavy calculus effectively.
  • Detachable Handpiece can be autoclaved in 135ºC
  • Satelec or EMS tip-compatible Handpiece optional. All your existing tips will remain in use.
  • Easy-to-use, just few minutes to understand and enjoy the user-friendly control panel.


The up-to-date cool light Teeth Whitening Accelerator can convert electric energy into strong blue light. The cool blue light activates the whitening gel and oxidizes the pigment of the teeth through dentin tubes in the shortest time, discoloring the teeth to sparkling white both externally and internally

The 30-minute process ensures an improvement of five to fourteen shades. It is not a dream to make your teeth shine with brightness

High efficiency goose pipe design, adjust angle at random, convenient for use. Combination of high power Japanese BLUE led. Tunable bleaching time with microprocessor-controlled timer presets

Digital indicator with audio feedback. Smart auto-select power: 100 to 240 Volts AC.50/60 Hz for global use. High Speed Multi-Arch Teeth Whitening System

High Uniformity of Light Output High sensitive infrared remote control setting function. Enclosed disposible sheath, prevent cross- infection, clean and convenient,let patient feel relieved. The Small base could adjust height Quiet fan operation 5 minute counting with memory, the longest whitening time is 30 minute


MELAtronic 23EN is a standard autoclave that complies with EN 13060. It is used for complete sterilization of infectious biowaste. It has a microprocessor control unit to help with the job, and the device is equipped with intelligent temperature and pressure sensors that aid in sterilization. The whole sterilization is done in the automatic mode and there is a water-level indicator and alphanumeric display to note the progress. The device is equipped with high quality stainless steel chamber, connection ports for log printer and MELAflash compact flash card printer. The five trays in the device can sterilize a weight load of about 4 kilograms of biowaste.