Dental braces are orthodontic appliances designed to straighten and improve the aesthetics and function of your teeth. This benefits both adults and children as straight teeth are easier to clean. In addition, after the teeth have been straightened, there is usually an increase in overall self-esteem and confidence level.

The braces process can be uncomfortable when the teeth are being moved. Braces can also trap more food than usual, so great attention to good oral hygiene is required to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The common types of braces include the traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, self-ligating braces and lingual braces. For aesthetics reasons, there are also invisible or clear braces (a more commonly known brand is Invisalign) options, you can read more about Invisalign here.

Braces Treatment by Specialised Orthodontists

Your braces treatment at Peace Dentistry is managed by our experienced orthodontists – specialised dentists who come with a wealth of experience and knowledge working with braces for adults and children. Orthodontists are trained full-time for three years in this specialty. During training, most of them had experienced many different dental scenarios and are definitely competent to handle complex cases before certification as specialists.

One Stop Destination for Orthodontics with Comprehensive Facilities

Peace Dentistry is dedicated to creating positive experiences for your braces treatment by providing comprehensive dental care in a personalised and comfortable environment. We are a one-stop destination for orthodontics/braces with extensive facilities. The entire process of the treatment is accomplished in our clinic. Our dental centres are designed with aesthetics and comfort, to meet not only your dental needs, but also to ensure a pleasant and holistic experience.

Quality Care with Flexible Payment Arrangements

We promise to deliver the highest possible level of quality care to our patients and aim to provide you with the best value for your investment in our services. Our prices reflect the whole package which includes all x-rays, follow-up consultations, impressions, retainers and braces for both upper & lower arches. There are no hidden charges. The option to break down the payment into progressive payments is also available for our patients who are more comfortable with partial payment plans.

Common Orthodontic Issues

  • Crooked or spaced out teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Improper bites
  • Jaw disharmonies

Benefits of Braces

  • Improve aesthetics of the teeth
  • Increase self confidence
  • Easier to keep teeth clean
  • Healthy teeth and gums

Treatment Process

  1. Initial consultation and assessment
  2. Impressions and X-rays
  3. Installation of braces
  4. Regular reviews
  5. Removal of braces
  6. Retainers



Metal braces

Metal braces are the most common and affordable type of braces. These braces are made of high-grade stainless steel. Metal braces are attached to the teeth and are not removable by the patient. There are also wires that are held onto the braces with colourful rubber bands. Metal braces are most popular with teenagers who like to decorate their teeth and braces with colours. However, the braces have a certain thickness and patients usually take a week or two to get used to the braces in the mouth.


Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are made from tooth-coloured materials that blend in naturally with the colour of teeth. These braces are more aesthetically pleasing when compared to metal braces; making it a popular choice for patients who want some form of aesthetic and less visible braces. The ceramic material used in the braces are stain resistant and do not discolour easily. However, like metal braces these ceramic braces also have a certain thickness that takes some getting used to.


Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces are slightly different from the conventional metal or ceramic braces described earlier. These braces are also attached onto the teeth; however, the wires are held onto the braces using a “gate” that is built into the braces, hence the term self-ligating. This reduces the need for rubber bands and thus there is less friction in the whole braces system. This allows for lighter forces to be used on the teeth, and often translates to more comfortable treatment. Self-ligating braces are available in both the metal and ceramic varieties.


Lingual braces

Lingual braces are braces that are attached to the inner side of the teeth, and are hidden from the outside. These are most preferred by patients who do not want to be seen with any type of braces. However, like the fixed type of metal and ceramic braces described earlier, lingual braces also have some thickness that needs some time to get used to.


Invisible braces

Invisible braces are suitable for patients who have the desire to solve their orthodontics concerns but are conscious of the stigma that the wearing of visible braces presents. The aligners are made of transparent and pliable material. They provide a discreet, natural appearance, and when worn there is a significant decrease in discomfort then those present in traditional braces. The aligners are removable to allow for the convenient cleaning of teeth and comfortable consumption of food. However, because these aligners are removable, patients have to be consistent and disciplined with the compliance of their treatment plans.



Cost of Braces (Orthodontic) Treatment

The price of orthodontic treatment varies according to each patient’s needs. As each individual is unique, there will be differing goals of treatment depending on the presenting clinical situation. Our clinicians will advise you on the most suitable type of braces treatment. The cost of treatment will be discussed once all the information required is established.


Ceramic Braces

Simple orthordontics case1159
Brace 1 jaw (upper jaw or lower jaw)1159
Brace both jaws (simple case)1502
Brace both jaws (complex case)1803
Brace both jaws (complex & long time case)2018 - 2232

Metal Braces

Simple orthordontics case644
Brace 1 jaw (upper jaw or lower jaw)644
Brace both jaws (simple case)987
Brace both jaws (complex case)1288
Brace both jaws (complex & long time case)1052 - 1717

Insvisalign Orthordontics

Invisalign Lite4500
Invisalign Moderate5500
Invisalign Full6000
Invisalign Combined8500

Unit: USD